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Creative and passionate

I am graduated from L’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique with a specialty in product design, materials and 3D modeling. Open minded, I am attentive about the world which surrounds me. I like to go to an art gallery, I like to be touched by an intense movie, a piece of theatre or a good book. I have this need to feel emotions every minute that goes away.


My studies gave me the basics of design thinking, its methodology and its tools. This mastery enables me to treat the integrality of a design project: from universe boards, technological watch, user needs analyze, sketches/rough, 2D infographics, 3D infographics, material choice and industrialization. My professional experiences gave me rigor and autonomy in project management.


I have created my own design firm in 2012. The global economic crisis gave me the opportunity to create it. So I can work on many projects and discover new field at each new project. I am also a member of the A-TEAM, a collective of different and complementary profiles. Our mission is to develop apps by using the “agility” methods. For further information please consult our website :

By my studies and my experience, I have acquired
a large field of complementary competences :


Sketches & rough

Drawings will always be the first step of a project: creativity
is always better with a piece of paper and a pen.


2D Infographics

2D infrographics are synonymous of graphic compositions: paper documents or digital creations.


3D infrographics

3D infrographics enable to create digital models for the industrial conception. This kind of infographics makes possible to create high quality and realistic pictures


Graphic interface

With Graphic interface development, we create media on which users can interact. Ergonomics and user experience are key points.

Awards and Press Releases

The work with my partners has enabled us to be rewarded several times.

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